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Terms, Conditions & Warranty Information

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– Last Updated 15/11/2018


Required inspections completed/ technician requirements are met/ specific termicide chosen will have different requirements/ foraging termites in timbers directly touching the ground are not included in Blast’s warranty.


Web spiders only, internal areas unless specified.


Australian & Oriental cockroach are including/ German Cockroaches are included if specified.


Included if breeding is within the boundaries of the home and within 10m of the main dwelling.


If recommended amount of rodent stations are installed & breeding is within the treat zone.


The host must be vet treated with documentation/ after care card must be met.

Bed Bugs

Only If all rooms are treated/ after care card must be met/ re-investigations are not included.

Carpet Beetle

If all carpet areas are accessible.

Silver Fish

We may require carpets to be cleaned and stored goods removed.


Service call is charged out if a snake is or isn’t caught.

Regarding all pests

Conditions need to be met including the technicians recommendations, number one recommendation is to reduce moisture levels, have good hygiene while having minimal stored goods/ clutter around your home or work place.