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Our Weed Management option offers specialist treatments and applications to manage all weeds. Blast Pest Management offer treatment programs to treat the presence of unwanted foliage, nutgrass, bindii, cudweed, clover, creeping oxalis, cape weed, cat’s ear a.k.a. latweed, creeping buttercup, dandelion, fleabane, plantain, soursob or oxalis and thistle. It is important to ensure some weeds receive an annual treatment to manage the problem effectively.

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Blast Pest Management offer a high quality Weed Management service that will ensure the job is done right the first time. Our licensed technicians use a commercial grade chemical application to your weeds that you wouldn’t be able to find with your average lawn mower or landscaper. Did you know that over time weeds build up and suffocate your lawn? At Blast Pest Management our technicians apply only weed specific chemicals designed to treat annoying weeds without killing your lawn. Blast Pest Management can use a 20L battery operated sprayer to accommodate for smaller jobs or a 300L petrol operated pump for larger jobs. Our operators also use a hand pump suited for spot spraying weeds, non-specific chemicals and to kill any unwanted foliage.

Weeds grow in your grass and

your lawn

Weeds are one of the
Major threats

To the natural environment.


Weeds are one of the major threats to the natural environment. They are destroying native habitats, threatening native plants and animals and are chocking our natural systems including rivers and forests.

Weeds can also reduce farm and forest productivity, invade crops, smother pastures and even harm livestock. More directly, weeds can cause asthma and respiratory problems and cause skin irritations, especially with children.



We’ll start by looking
for signs of pests and
potential access points.



Blast will use professional
methods to treat your pest
problems including preventative
measures to ensure they don’t return.



Our experienced operators
will give you information on
how to prevent the reinfestation
of pests at your property.
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All About Weed Management

When should a full coverage knock down non-residual product be used?



Building sites

Concrete areas

Fence lines

Play grounds



Building sites

Concrete areas

Fence lines

Play grounds

What does unwanted foliage mean?

Unwanted foliage is the termination of any living plan matter. The products used in unwanted foliage will only be used in areas where all foliage need to be killed. The chemical used in unwanted foliage management will transfer to the root system of the weed for a quick knock down effect. Unwanted foliage is non-residual which means it will only kill off what is there and additional treatment will be required for future growth or crops.

What are the top tips for weed management

In most cases weeds must be actively growing to be vulnerable to herbicide treatment.

Weeds need to be identified prior to starting treatment.

For the best results, it is important to not mow the lawn application and to wait 48 hours to mow the lawn after application.

It is important to use the correct herbicide, application and spraying equipment for each type of weed.

Protective wear must always be worn when dealing with chemicals.

What herbicides does Blast Pest Management use?

In most cases weeds are generally only susceptible to one herbicide so it is important to the correct products and applications to ensure control of each specific weed. Common mistakes made by other businesses dealing in weed management include using incorrect products and dosage to save costs. Blast Pest Management use the following herbicides to manage weeds:

Broad Spectrum: These work on a wide variety of weeds.

Selective: These work on a narrow range of weeds.

Contact: These destroy weed tissue at or near the point of contact rather than spreading around the weed. Even coverage is required on application.

Stystemic: These move through the weeds circulation system and can be injected into the weed.

Residual: These can applied to the soil and destroy the root uptake. They remain active in the ground for a certain length of time and can control germinating seedlings.

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