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If you have termites in your home already, the first step is to eliminate them before more damage is caused

Blast know when you find termites in your home fast action is required, which is why our team are dedicated to meeting clients timeframes to assess your home and identify the termite species and their entry point. Our specialised termite technicians will assess your property by using the latest technologies to identify where and how the termites have entered the home and identify the best course of action to eliminate the termites.

Blast will also provide homeowners with a no-obligation strategy to protecting the home from further invasion to ensure reoccurrence does not happen.


Determine termite species, entry point & Nest


Eradicate termite from home


Assessment of property issues/damage


Provide recommendations for prevention


Not all termite barriers are alike and choosing the correct one for your home is as important as choosing the right insurance for your home or car, which is why Blast have up to 2 million warranty insurance on eligible termite barrier systems

How does it work?
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Having a termite barrier installed at your property is the first step to ensuring your home remains free from termite invasions and preventing unnecessary damage. At Blast Pest Management we are trusted termite specialists in the industry and ensure each home we treat is correctly assessed to determine that the correct barrier is installed.

We use up-to-date and current treatment systems in the industry and know that each home requires correct assessment to determine if the dwelling required a barrier system or baiting management system. Depending on your home’s build and other outside variants will determine the correct system to be installed at your home. Our trained technicians will provide an assessment along with a quote and a clear verbal explanation of which system is best suited to your home and why.

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Barrier Systems

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Baiting Systems

2 million dollar termidor warranty

Blast Pest Management is a
Accredited Termidor Applicator.
Termidor is the BEST protection barrier against Termites.
It comes with 2 Million Dollar Assurance Warranty!

Call us or submit an online enquiry to get a quote and or a get a free inspection today! We also have payment plans available if required! Competitive, affordable with all work guaranteed!

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**Prices vary dependant on the square meter of dwelling along with system requirements and installation procedures. Book a free assessment of your home today!


Blast offer inspection services for clients purchasing new homes or owners requiring inspections for their current property.

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When it comes to our termite inspections, regular inspections are recommended at least once a year to ensure safety and prevent damage to your home. When inspecting the property our trained and expert technicians are reviewing your homes ventilation, moisture levels and other construction variants such as possible water leaks. Any recommendations to reduce future termite infestations will also be provided along with a written report outlining precautions needing to be assessed in your home.


Blast can also offer repurchase inspections for buyers which includes a comprehensive written report by expert inspectors

Why Choose Blast?

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Expert Inspectors – trained and experiences inspectors only assessing the home

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Quick and Responsive – buying a home is a big decision and often timeframes are in place to meet buying conditions. Our team ensure reports are delivered quickly and professionally with easy to read formats.

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Latest Technologies – we use the latest technologies such as thermal imaging cameras, termite tracking equipment and moisture meters.



When building a new home there is a lot of choices to be made to get to your finished product. One of those choices is choosing the correct termite barrier for your home!

Under the building regulations, your new home must be fitted with a termite management system or often referred to as a “physical termite barrier”. These barriers are placed once plumbing is installed and prior to framework installation to ensure that termites can not penetrate into your new home and cause damage.

Thankfully the installation of these barriers can be completed by choosing Blast Pest Management to install and complete on your behalf. Taking one less hassle off your list and one step closer to your complete home.


Renovating is an exciting and daunting task to most, however, something that can be overlooked or simply just not aware of is the fact that home owners must comply with the government legislation when it comes to termite protection

Before you start your renovation plan to talk with a termite specialist to assess the area and ensure it complies with current requirements under state law. At Blast we have trained and experienced technicians that are able to advise what measures need to be taken prior to your renovation. They will also provide recommendations and perform works requiring to be completed prior or during renovation.

Please note it is best to address these measures prior to a renovation beginning, however, if this step has been overlooked Blast will work with you on a strategy to get the renovation completed.


Due to the warm climate in Queensland, it has become a “hot spot” for termites. That means any home in South-East Queensland that contains wood in the framing, architraves or even in furniture is at risk of infestation from subterranean termites.

In Australia, termites cause approximately $5 billion dollars in damage annually. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult for homeowners to know their home is infested with termites until substantial damage has been done. Termites will not only eat through wood, but even gyprock and plasterboard, often leaving a paper-thin layer of paint. The only way to protect your home from termite infestation is to put preventative measures in place.

A termite infestation can
Cost you thousands

In damage to your home.

Termites cause about
$5 Billion

in damage, every year in Australia.

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All those Termites Are Gone!


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