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Australian possum

Possums & Rodents are known to cause damage to properties by entering your roof and chewing electrical wiring or through insulation as well as causing contamination through their faeces. As a protected member of the Australian wildlife it is a requirement of Queensland law that possums be released within 25 metres of the property they were caught.

How do we fix a possum or rodent problem if relocation is not an option?

The only way to manage a possum/ rodent problem is to ensure your home is properly proofed to keep them out. We offer the following solutions to proof your home or business from possums or rodents:

Blast will deliver a customised solution to keep possums out of your property!

Guaranteed Possum Proofing:

Possums can cause quite a nuisance when they decide to make your home, their home. Blast Pest Management technicians have a wealth of knowledge in construction and pest biology. This makes them well equipped to conduct all your possum and rodent proofing. We also work closely with native wildlife rescue organisations to help possums that may have been injured to escape or enter your property.

Strongest Defence Against Possums:

Blast Pest Management specialise in all areas of pest management and prevention. When a possum is removed from a property it is required by Queensland law to be released no further than 25 meters from the property. The best defence against possums is proofing your home to allow the possum to live in their natural habitat while causing minimal disturbance to your home.

  1. Inspect: Our technician will visit your home and inspect possible entry points the possums or rodents are utilising. We will offer recommendations to suit your property and your pest problem.

  2. Remove: We will lay possum and rodent traps to safely catch your rodent or possum and install new nesting boxes for possums.

  3. Proof: Blast will implement strategies to proof any entry points to your home to ensure they don’t return to your home!

*This service can take up to 21 days to complete

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Blast Pest Management will also assist in installing possum boxes once your property is correctly proofed. This will keep your furry friends happy and allow you to co-exist with your new possum neighbour!

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