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Mount Gravatt Pest Management

Mt Gravatt is an investors dream, affordable housing, a great university and a huge Shopping Centre Garden City Westfield, with plenty of schools. The population is high, the rental market and first home buyers are high, which spreads out over Mt Gravatt, Upper Mt Gravatt, Mt Gravatt East and surroundings. These areas are renowned for cockroaches and other bugs.

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Why Blast Pest Management
is needed in Mount Gravatt

Mt Gravatt is made up of a large population of youth, aged between 1 and 30.
Unfortunately there is a Hygiene issue which seems to have increased which has attracted a range of unwanted pests.
Termites/ Cockroaches/ Rodents/ Ants and Spiders seem to be everywhere, so Blast has made it their mission to reduce the problem one house or business at a time.

Pests are known carriers of


If you have pets


Who uses Blast
in Mt Gravatt

Blast Pest Management are busy with the commercial industry and a number of restaurants in and around the surrounding areas. Rodents and Cockroaches are renowned in these areas all year around. Blast has inspected and treated a number of houses for Termites and saved one house just before it was deemed structurally unfixable due to the damage in the beams in the roof space.



We’ll start by looking
for signs of pests and
potential access points.



Blast will use professional
methods to treat your pest
problems including preventative
measures to ensure they don’t return.



Our experienced operators
will give you information on
how to prevent the reinfestation
of pests at your property.

German Cockroaches are also a massive problem
in Mt Gravatt

If you have ever experienced an infestation of German Cockroach, you would understand the importance to take control of the situation. Most restaurants and a number of homes in QLD and most of the world would have come under attack at one point with German Cockroach. This job should always be left to a professional, because if you miss any, you will be back to square one in no time. German Cockroaches breed 30-40 new babies every 6-12 weeks. All Cockroaches need to survive is moisture, a food source, and a dark space. Restaurants and commercial venues should be treated every 1 to 3 months and domestic homes should be treated every 6 to 12 months once the infestation is under control.

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All those Termites Are Gone!


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