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Jimboomba Pest Management

Jimboomba has a beautiful feel as its set far enough away from the busy parts of Brisbane allowing a quiet and relaxing lifestyle. But this comes at a cost, Jimboomba was once farm land and forests. So unfortunately all those annoying Bugs are now living with us and the nasty termites are using our homes as their main food source. Blast is eradicatingcolonies daily in the local area.

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Why Blast Pest Management
is needed in Jimboomba

Jimboomba is now supporting a high residential population, which is surrounded by open land. Jimboomba is the perfect location for most pest species to breed.

Hygiene problems are getting worse with food been more readily available which causes more waste and will attract unwanted pests.

Termites/ Cockroaches/ Rodents/ Ants and Spiders seem to be everywhere, so Blast has made it their mission to reduce the problem one house or business at a time.

Pests are known carriers of


If you have pets


Who’s used Blast
in Jimboomba

Blast Pest Management has actively been eradicating pest problems around town. New houses are up 20% from houses dating back before 2010. Jimboomba has a mix of Renters and home owners due to the affordable land prices and affordable rental market. It is important to allow Blast Pest Management to service your property at least once a year. (6 monthly services are recommended)



We’ll start by looking
for signs of pests and
potential access points.



Blast will use professional
methods to treat your pest
problems including preventative
measures to ensure they don’t return.



Our experienced operators
will give you information on
how to prevent the reinfestation
of pests at your property.

Flies are also a massive problem in Jimboomba

More residents of Jimboomba are noticing a number of flies attracting themselves to their properties, unfortunately flies are a tough pest to keep in control. A few handy hints

  • Keep Doors shut
  • Fit fly screens
  • Call Blast to proof your home for access points
  • Remove unnecessary water sources
  • Keep bins and trash in closed bins or containers
  • Good hygiene
  • Keep plants/ grass neat and tidy (remove decaying plant matter)
  • Have regular pest treatments
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All those Termites Are Gone!


All About Pest Control & Management

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