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Gold Coast Pest Management

Gold Coast attracts tourists from all around the world. Gold Coast has some of the most beautiful beaches, incredible restaurants and amazing hotels. Gold Coast houses a range of nationalities which has assisted in large pest infestations through the commercial and residential sector. Rodents and Cockroaches are the most concerning pests in the surrounding area.

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Why Blast Pest Management
is needed in Gold Coast

The Gold Coast Pest Problem is definitely an issue, but with the technology and experience from the team at Blast we are confident that anyone using Blast services, commercial/ residential will be pest free in no time.
Termites/ Cockroaches/ Rodents/ Ants, Spiders and Flies seem to be everywhere, so Blast has made it their mission to reduce the problem one house or business at a time.

Pests are known carriers of


If you have pets


Who’s used Blast
in Gold Coast

Blast Pest Management works closely with several hotels and restaurants in the local area. The Commercial trade alone has allowed Blast to expand their business with the future plans to hire over 20 new technicians within the Gold Coast area. Termites have been widespread this year with the biggest week clocking 77 termite enquiries.



We’ll start by looking
for signs of pests and
potential access points.



Blast will use professional
methods to treat your pest
problems including preventative
measures to ensure they don’t return.



Our experienced operators
will give you information on
how to prevent the reinfestation
of pests at your property.

Fruit Flies are also a massive problem
on The Gold Coast

Other common names are the Beer Fly or Vinegar Fly. I’m sure most locals have experienced the Vinegar fly at one point. This species is well known for their rapid growth. They reproduce into maggots within 24-30 hours from initially been laid, then shorty after they malt and turn into pupae, then in a few days you have another batch of Vinegar Flies. To make this worse they become sexually active within two days of emerging as adults. Blast Pest Management are the experts and will manage this problem.
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All those Termites Are Gone!


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Our professional technicians are always available to offer specialist advice and answer any questions you have.

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