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Brisbane Pest Management

Brisbane is a beautiful place, but unfortunately when you have beauty you have high population. Brisbane is classed as one of the worst cities in Australia for pests because of the high humidity which gives the perfect environment for breeding pests.

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Why Blast Pest Management
is needed in Brisbane

Brisbane houses some of the most complex constructions in the commercial and residential space. Having huge skyscrapers, hundreds of shops, restaurants and incredibly constructed homes, Brisbane is the place to be. Blast Pest Management are the professionals that know Brisbane so well as Blast was originated in Brisbane and now having numerous vehicles working 7 days a week, providing great service and great results.
Hygiene issues have been a problem around the city which has attracted a range of unwanted pests.
Termites/ Cockroaches/ Rodents/ Ants and Spiders seemed to be everywhere, so Blast has made it their mission to reduce the problem one house or business at a time. Also reducing local restaurants hygiene problems with Blasts Commercial Kitchen Cleaning options, using state of the art steam cleaning machines.

Pests are known carriers of


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Who uses Blast
in Brisbane

Blast Pest Management as actively been eradicating pests around Brisbane in most businesses including schools, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, retail, houses and much more.
There also has been a rise in termite infestations in and around South Brisbane, Blast has a large range of options to eradicate termites, also having commercial and termite management programs to ensure long term results.



We’ll start by looking
for signs of pests and
potential access points.



Blast will use professional
methods to treat your pest
problems including preventative
measures to ensure they don’t return.



Our experienced operators
will give you information on
how to prevent the reinfestation
of pests at your property.

Bedbugs are also a massive problem
in Brisbane

Not just hotels or hostels are at risk, anyone could find their dwelling/room infested with Bedbugs. Travel is normal and most of us would travel at least 4 times a year. Flying in planes, staying in accommodation is all it takes to introduce bed bugs into your dwelling or infest the hotel you have just checked into. Blast are the experts in dealing with disgusting blood sucking bed bugs. Call Blast today and let the professionals take care of your pest problems.
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All those Termites Are Gone!


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