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Don’t spray termites with bug spray as this could make eradicating them from your home harder, due to the fact that the termites may retreat back to their nest and move to another location in the home. This also makes it harder for a termite technician to locate the original nest and entry point to the home.

On average termites can be eradicated within 21 days, dependent on termite species and size of infestation.

Prices will vary dependent on size of dwelling, type of group coverings and recommended product use. You can usually expect to pay between $1,800 and $4,000 plus.

Generally between $330 to $550 unless baiting is required.

The quick answer is no, cheaper chemicals can be used to reduce costs, however they are usually not recommended due to proven protection results. Its best for a technician to review your property to determine the best solution to protect your home.

There are 2 main options that are used. 1 being a liquid termicide (termite barrier) and 2 being a baiting system.

Termidor HE, Termidor, Trelona, Sentricon Always Active.

When inspecting a home technicians are looking for active termites, termite damage, moisture issues, plumbing issues, ventilation issues, drainage issues and termite attractants such as timber rot or timer in contact with ground.

Residential homes are recommended to get an annual pest control treatment to reduce the chance of an infestation occurring as most products have a maximum 12 month lifespan.

Treatment areas are safe once the chemical spray has dried. This is usually within 3 hours depending on weather conditions. If not possible inform the technician when making an appointment.

You can expect to still see pests up to 21 days from treatment due to eliminating the source of infestation.

Any infestations that are still present after 21 days from the initial treatment within the warranty period.