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Birds can be a dangerous and costly pest to your business or home. Blast Pest Management offers an all-inclusive solution to your bird problems and ensure they are gone for good! Our qualified team of technicians are professionally trained to identify key access points and behaviours to ensure we can effectively remove birds from your property and prevent their return.


Guaranteed Protection from birds:

Birds are known carriers of diseases that can be extremely harmful to your business. Birds can nest on rooftops and in cavities in your building and spread disease through your building having catastrophic health problems for your stock causing untold financial ramifications. Blast has the equipment and knowledge to remove birds from your premises and ensure they do not return.

  • Birds are known carriers of harmful diseases that can damage your stock and make your staff and customers sick.
  • Birds can cause damage to your building, electricals, air cons and more.

Who is at risk of a bird problem?

Strongest Defence Against Birds:

Blast Pest Management specialise in all areas of pest management and prevention. While removal of birds can provide a temporary fix to the problem, it is essential to implement proven bird prevention methods to ensure they do not return, and your business is safe from the harm caused by birds.

  1. Inspect: Our technician will come to your site or property and inspect the area to understand your bird problem. We can then provide you with a professional list of recommendations on how to treat and prevent the problem.

  2. Remove: We have a number of methods we use to remove birds from your property. These recommendations will be specific to your property and the bird species. We will also remove all nesting, eggs, and faeces from the site.

  3. Proof: Blast will implement preventative methods to ensure birds are a problem of the past.

How do Blast remove birds?

Blast Pest Management are fully qualified to use a range of methods to remove birds from your property. We will assess the situation and provide our recommendation on how to remove the bird by shooting, trapping, or baiting. We will then remove the nests, eggs, and all accessable faeces from your property to ensure the problem is completely taken care of.

What options do Blast have for Bird Proofing?

The prevention for your bird problem depends on your specific circumstances. Our experience Blast Pest Management technicians will be able to tailor a preventative solution to protect you. Some of our common preventative methods include:

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