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2 million dollar termidor warranty

Blast Pest Management is a
Accredited Termidor Applicator.
Termidor is the BEST protection barrier against Termites.
It comes with 2 Million Dollar Assurance Warranty!

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Due to the warm climate in Queensland, Southport has become a “hot spot” for termites. That means any home in South-East Queensland that contains wood in the framing, architraves or even in furniture is at risk of infestation from subterranean termites.

In Australia, termites cause approximately $5 billion dollars in damage annually. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult for homeowners to know their home is infested with termites until substantial damage has been done. Termites will not only eat through wood, but even gyprock and plasterboard, often leaving a paper-thin layer of paint. The only way to protect your home from termite infestation is to put preventative measures in place.

Termites cause about
$5 Billion

in damage, every year in Australia.

A termite infestation can
Cost you thousands

In damage to your home.

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All those Termites Are Gone!


Frequently Asked Termite Questions

What happens if termites are found?

If termites are detected at your property Blast Pest Management will use the following methods to eliminate the pest problem in your home:

Dusting the workings of the colony to get colony control with a fipronil dusting termiticide.

Foaming the workings of the colony to get colony control with a fipronil foaming termiticide.

Chemical injecting the workings or nest of the colony to get colony control with a fipronil liquid termiticide.

Blast Pest Management will eliminate the colony and enact protective measures to protect your home from reinfestation using 2 primary methods:

Method 1: Chemical barrier. There is a choice between 3 primary methods, Blast Pest Management will recommend the right treatment for you.

Method 2: Baiting systems.

How to spot if you have termites

There are three key signs to look out for that will tell you if you have a problem with termites.

Termite wings: Termite wings can be found near closed windows, doors and other home access points.

Mud trails: Mud trailed can be seen wherever the ground meets your house or other possible food sources such as trees or the shed.

Wood damage: Wood damage can be found below and behind surfaces like walls, floors and more.

Who could be affected by termites?

Everyone! If you are a home owner, renter or simply standing under a timber framed structure, you are at risk. Australia caters for hundreds of species of termites with certain colonies eating as much as 7kg of timber per day.

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